• Ross Black studies the structure of the Earth's crust in the U.S. Midcontinent and West; one focus is the application of GIS to geological/geophysical studies in areas with geothermal resources. Other research is in practical applications of shallow reflection and tomographic techniques to groundwater problems, and anisotropy and heterogeneity in petroleum reservoirs.
  • George Tsoflias uses ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to study electromagnetic wave propogation through geologic formations. One focus is the characterization of subsurface fluid-flow properties and, in particular, the hydraulic properties of fractures. In addition to developing new radar methods and researching radar integration with shallow seismic methods, he is applying radar techniques in collaborative research with KU faculty in hydrogeology, tectonics sedimentology, glaciology, and electrical engineering.
  • Don Steeples, McGee Distinguished Professor of Applied Geophysics, specializes in near-surface, high resolution seismic reflection research. His practical experience in several countries and across the U.S. has led to his recognition as a world expert in this field. He has published widely on near-surface geophysics and earthquake seismology.

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